I Spend null

I Spend null
Category: Personal Finance Software
Platform: mobile
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Keep track of how much you spend and how much you have in each account.You can enter your own categories, payees/payers, and accounts for each transaction. You will always know your exact ending balance in your checking, investment, or credit card accounts. Manage your money better and avoid overspending. Find or list transactions in the register by date, account, category, and/or text search filter. The balance is automatically calculated and adjusted every transaction.2.1 The delete button now works correctly in the Accounts screen, fixed a problem where it would delete from another account in certain situations, cosmetically improve including color icon buttons, any date would not refresh the screen if it was selected after a previous list existed, now you don””’t have to do a recalc after deleting a pay/deposit record, shows the new balance on the transaction screen after each transaction.2.2 replaced the ?save””’ buttons with ?new””’ buttons because ?new””’ only cleared the amounts shown and required the record be saved before tapping it (records were not getting saved if ?save””’ wasn””’t used before ?new””’), automatically saves any new or changed data when closing the category or account screens, removed default zero values to make data entry easier and faster, clarified some help messages, require date lookup only so it””’s always in the correct format and faster to enter, fixed problem where it was adding a new category instead of changing an existing one, compatible with the new Palm PDA models and Palm OS, cosmetic improvements.2.3 works with newest PDA devices.

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