I need a good gaming desktop computer?

Question by smileyu571: I need a good gaming desktop computer?
I am looking for a good gaming desktop computer, for the price of $ 3500 or less, I can squeeze a little more for shipping and the like, but the main cost $ 3500. I am looking to play upcoming titles such as Empire Total War, Civilization, and yea. It doesn’t have to be a great for online play, but I want to be able to have very high settings for my graphics. Please include brand name model, and any additions your going to make. Also dual DVD burners are a must.

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Answer by Tom
The_firesauce post above is correct, but the big questions is “are you technical”?? Gaming rigs can be a bit of a pain to build, and if you have never done it, then it can take many hours to put your very first custom built together correctly…

Here’s some ready builts to consider:

Ultimate M6 Sniper Extreme Online Gaming PC

This Alienware one is so very bad to the bone looking: Area-51 7500 starting at just $ 1399 but will be in your price range very quickly once you add the “essentials”….

How about the reviews of gaming rigs in this PCWorld story, the one they tap as best is only $ 3299…

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