I need a cheap gaming desktop computer?

Question by Thomas: I need a cheap gaming desktop computer?
I’m getting tired of this old computer. It’s a 2004 dell piece of crap with stock everything and it doesn’t have the potential to run any new features or play any new games at all.

So I’m looking for a new computer, but I can’t go above $ 500. I would like for the computer to run with windows 7 and have gaming capabilities(the ability to run current gen games well, and room to play next gen games.)

any help?

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Answer by Meh
Your not going to get anywhere with 500 dollars.

Edit: if your comfortable building your own computer( its not hard to learn)
then maybe you should look at some of the combo deals on newegg.

Not all the combos have all the parts you will need, and all of the ones under 500 dollars wont run the latest games well, but it should be a lot better than anything from 2004.

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