HTC HD2 VNC – remote desktop solution

Showing’ VNC client which works surprisingly well with the new HTC HD2 WM6.5 phone. I tried the included Microsoft WM6.5 RDP client but it’s pretty useless as its max resolution of the desktop is 800×480 but without a keyboard, with keyboard access the resolution shrinks to 800×350 or something. Further, Logmein is not compatible with the HD2 yet.. With the shown VNC client + HD2 you have: – Desktop size as large as you want, desktop decides. – Dedicated PAN button (hand icon), easy switching between panning and selecting modes. – Easy Keyboard access – Instantaneous landscape/portrait switch – If the Zooomer app is installed you can also pinch-zoom It is still a bit hard to select things with just a capacitive display and your fingers but it’s doable when needed. I’m not affiliated with, bwt! Just a user in need of a good remote desktop solution on the HTC HD2 mobile phone.
Video Rating: 4 / 5