HP TouchSmart 610 review

HP TouchSmart 610 review
Is it just us or do all-in-ones seem to be having a moment? Over the past two months, we’ve seen Toshiba make a belated jump into the market, while Lenovo went and added one to its family of Think-branded laptops and desktops. And that’s not even counting models by old-timers like Apple, Dell, and MSI. And then there’s HP, which has been making touchscreen all-in-ones for three years — long …
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Why Assembled PCs Continue To Flourish
Demand remains strong in upcountry locations. And Indias distributors love doing the components business because it is simply more profitable
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20 years of Linux
TWENTY years ago in August, a 20-year-old computer science student named Linus Torvalds sat down at his computer at the University of Helsinki to post what is now one of the most famous entries in computing history.
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