HP Compaq D51C Desktop 2.0Ghz 512MB RAM 40GB HD CD ROM XP WARRANTY!

Remachines has the following FRESH XP INSTALL HP Compaq D51C Desktop. Bring in your old PC for trade in credits (see remachines.com for details): Intel Pentium 4 2.0Ghz CPU CD ROM Drive 512MB DDR RAM 40GB Hard Drive Onboard video and Ethernet Network connection – Ready to plug into Broadband Cable or DSL Internet FRESH RELOAD OF WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL Loaded with OpenOffice, Firefox, Antivirus and photo editing software! We offer a 90 Day hardware warranty, so buy with confidence – check us out at www.remachines.com as well for more inventory! Buy locally recycled and recertified computers, as well as new for affordable prices. We can also quote on system wide upgrades and migrations. We also offer free computer recycling and offer trade in credits for working machines. Feel free to contact us today! See www.remachines.com for details REDUCE. REUSE. REMACHINES. Call us @ 608-205-8668 or reply to this post and we’ll get in contact with you shortly.