How to start a remote desktop session on vista?

Question by SokratesTM: How to start a remote desktop session on vista?
Hi, i recently wanted to find out how to make my own remote desktop server/session. Like for example, my school has one. I start run, type in mstsc and then type in my school’s server. I want to be able to connect to my own remote desktop.

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Answer by Carl
first go to and find your modem and setup forwarding ports if you want to access away from home outside of your network. Within your network or home, just use RDP, make sure you have remote desktop enable(use control panel or right click computer and select properties then choose remote settings), type in the computer name or ip on the network, found by using ipconfig in command prompt. WIll be something like 192.168.1.***. enter that with(if a password is need for user) the computer password(what you login with) and there you go.

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