How to learn web Microsoft Web Application Development?

Question by sam550: How to learn web Microsoft Web Application Development?
Hello, I am interested in establishing a career as a WEB DEVELOPER and I am looking for advice. I have noticed that on every job board is MS Web Development with the ASP.NET Framework using various languages.

What is the best way to learn, online by yourself, tech schooling, or the regular IT degree from a 4 year college.

I have seen requirements for a Computer Science Degree, but isn’t a Computer Info Systems degree close enough, or maybe a tech school that teaches programming and databases.

I really dont think its as difficult as people make it out to be, I have worked with Visual Studio and building test apps for fun.

What would be the best route to take, but also the quickest and cheapest, I am willing to work anywhere to start, and I already have 2 yrs of college, but dont know quite how to transition into this.
I believe WEB APP DEV is a part of every corporation, and everything will continue to push towards the web with software development

Any thoughts from professionals.

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Answer by ★ shORtii hypee ★
i learned online with its great!

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