How to Install Ubuntu Themes

How to Install Ubuntu Themes

How to Install Ubuntu Themes

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How to Install Ubuntu Themes

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Posted: Oct 20, 2010 |Comments: 0




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How to Install Ubuntu Themes

By: Tauqeer Ul Hassan

About the Author

You might want to learn more about themes for Ubuntu


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Article Source: to Install Ubuntu Themes

Many of you may not be aware of Ubuntu. Ubuntu is basically a great looking, secure, super-fast intuitive operating system. It is an absolutely free operating system, which powers the laptops, servers, netbooks and desktops.

Originally, Ubuntu comes in a default, Human theme. You can change this default theme by any other available theme as Ubuntu using the Gnome desktop environment. Ubuntu offers many themes and varieties of Gnome themes are available on different websites which you can download for absolutely free. However, there are few websites which need payment for their offered Gnome themes.

Changing a theme on your Ubuntu involve few steps. First you have to download good looking and elegant themes which enhance your desktop with different colors, corners, buttons and scroll bar styles, on your computer. Later, you have to install the chosen theme on your computer by following the given method:

Go to: System à Preferences à Appearance or Theme

Once the “Theme Preferences” window is open, you need to drag the downloaded theme files onto the preferences box so as to make them appear in the list.

Ubuntu themes usually include:

–    Controls: These are also known as GTK Themes
–    Icons
–    Window Borders:  These are also called Metacity Themes.

You can find all these in a single theme or some themes include two or only one of them. F you want to check any theme for the presence of these elements, simply go to “Customize” or “Theme Details” button. This feature of Ubuntu allows match and mix elements from different themes.

Following are given some of the popular Ubuntu themes:

–    Aqua Gnome Theme: It is an SVG icon theme fro Gnome.
–    Aero Theme: It is a good icon theme that gives a good look to your desktop. It is a large file of 60Mb.
–    Panther Window Borders: Another theme which is a conjunction to all the above mention icons.
–    Windows Vista Aero Icons: It gives your Gnome a Vista look with variable icons.
–    Vista Basic: It is a coolest window border theme.
–    Glass Icons: This theme is used to achieve a semi-transparent looks.
–    Alphacube Metacity: Another cool window border theme.
–    Vista Rounded Black Borders: This theme gives your system good-looking Black Vista feel.
–    Vista Rounded Focus Borders: Gives Vista look with comparatively smaller borders.
–    Clearlooks with a Cherry on Top: A popular window border theme.
–    Linsta Orange Black Plastic: If you want to have a Vista theme without having Vista problems, then it is a good choice.
–    Linsta Midnight Blue Plastic: It is just different in color from Orange Black, the rest is same to get Vista look.
–    Black Cherry: If you want to have a great looking black border, then go for this theme.
–    Aqwod: A good-looking icon theme.
–    Ubuntu Studio: This theme will give you that Ubuntu Studio look.  Go to the Theme Preferences box and click the customize button, there select Ubuntu Studio in window border, Icons and Controls.

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Tauqeer Ul Hassan
About the Author:

You might want to learn more about themes for Ubuntu



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