How to fix Windows Black screen no desktop only explorer (Permanent fix)

This is the video for the emergency fix : This is a tutorial how to fix permanently a Windows wich has no desktop(black background) with 1 explorer poped up.If you got problems comment please. And no bad comments please. Or i will disable the comments. Subscribe if you want. I don’t take response of your damged files or computer or what you have got.! This is the written tutorial: 1. Search for an applicaiton/file: regedit.exe. 2. After you opened it go to the top. Computer. 3. Then you wanna double click: HKEY_Local_Machine. 4. You open the folder SOFTWARE. 5. Then you open Microsoft. 6. After this open Windows NT 7. Afterwards open Current Version 8. Then you wanna click (1click) Winlogon 9. Then you look right (List of data in this folder) 10. Take a deep breath. 11. Then you double click on SHELL. 12. Then a small window will pop up. 13. Then you go to the toilet and pee or the bigger one. 😛 14. Then you look at this small window and look for Value Data 15. Then you edit it and write in it: explorer.exe 16. Then you click ok. 17. Then close the regedit.exe 18. Shut your computer down. 19 Turn the computer on. 20. Go and take a nice shower. 21. Look at your computer and suprise! IT WORKS XD!!!!!