How to Download Desktop Wallpapers

How to Download Desktop Wallpapers

How to Download Desktop Wallpapers

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How to Download Desktop Wallpapers

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Posted: Jul 18, 2008 |Comments: 0



Desktop wallpapers are free. It is not wise to buy them since there are practically millions of pictures available all over the Internet for free. In fact, people who know better do not even download. They simply do something practical based on the available tools in the PC and off they collect wallpapers. This very simple process will be shown later own. Actually, it is recommended that you start guessing now. This is really simple.

It is very easy to download desktop wallpapers online. Even kids can do it. And kids really do it most of the times since they easily get bored with out how their computers look. As a result, the computer is swamped with pictures, mostly in the desktop itself. Although this does not really pose a threat to the computer, it looks disorganized and untidy. To download desktop wallpapers, the simple steps below may be helpful.

Select a browser from several options that your have. You may use Mozilla, Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer if you wish to. The browsers will not really affect your search but there may be wallpapers that may not be shown correctly due to browser compatibility.

Once a browser is launched, go to a website that offers free downloads of wallpapers. If you currently do not know of any, it is recommended that you browse for one. You may do this by searching for websites through search engines like Yahoo or Google. Once you are in a search engine website, you may type key words of your choice to narrow down what you are looking for. For example, typing the key word “wall paper is very broad,” so you may want to type “tiger desktop background” or any key word that specifically narrows down to the wallpaper that you want.

Once the choices of websites are populated, read the summary. This will allow you to make the best choice. If you will just click randomly, chances are you will get to a website that does not really offer what you want for free. And this is all the more frustrating because you have to search again.

Once a website is selected, log on to it. Look at the pictures available and download it. Or better yet, download all of it. That way, you have several options to change your wallpaper just in case you get tired of it. Some websites will only allow one download per day. So you have to do it everyday. At least, it is free. All you need to practice is patience. Make sure that you do not violate the terms and conditions of the website in terms of wallpaper usage.

Lastly, change the wallpaper setting of your computer.

Let us say that the very pictures that you want are not wallpapers but just pictures you saw in the Internet—like paintings—all you have to do to set them as your desktop wallpapers is to save them as pictures on your PC. Then choose it as your desktop background.

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Rober Ron
About the Author:

Get the high quality and free desktop wallpapers. Choose from hundreds of free wallpapers and set the best one you like as your desktop wallpaper.


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