How to Connect Laptop to HDTV Wirelessly

The Atlona’s AT-AiR3 ( is designed to connect any Windows or Mac based computer to either your HDTV or Computer Monitor wirelessly though VGA or HDMI Connections. The AT-AiR3 is based on a powerful UWB technology, allowing users to extend high resolution content up to 30ft away. Atlona adapter is capable of supporting resolutions up to 1920×1080 or 1080p. The AT-AiR3 is features with dual video (HDMI and VGA) and dual Audio (HDMI-Audio and 1/8″ mini stereo) outputs. Both outputs are active simultaneously. Whether wirelessly connected to a projector in a meeting room or to a flat TV screen in the living room, the the Atlona AT-AiR3 allows users to easily and conveniently extend their PC visual workspace. Providing both HDMI interface, common in flat TVs, and VGA interface, common in projectors and computer monitors—the AT-AiR3 provides users with the flexibility. Both HDMI and VGA output connections are active at the same time, therefore AT-AiR3 receiver could be used to power up 2 displays at the same time with identical content.