How to connect a laptop and a desktop computers?

Question by Rodolfo Jr. P: How to connect a laptop and a desktop computers?
My desktop computer has an updated anti-virus program and my laptop has expired its anti-virus. I want to connect these computers together because I want to scan the laptop for viruses using my desktop’s anti-virus program. Is this possible?

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Answer by Amarpreet
Yes its possible. Firsty connect ur desktop and laptop. share the windows drive(say c:) of laptop. make sure u allow the netork to change settings. For that u have to check both the check boxes while sharing. Now add a network place at ur desktop and give the path of ur shared drive c:. Now go to my computer and add a network drive. (My computer>tool>map network drive.) add the shared one.

Now the c: of ur laptop is just like ur normal drive of desktop. Scan it and get rid of viruses.

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