How to Clear Your Google Search History

How to Clear Your Google Search History

How to Clear Your Google Search History

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Home Page > Computers > Security > How to Clear Your Google Search History

How to Clear Your Google Search History

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Posted: Jan 26, 2009 |Comments: 0
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How to clear your Google search history

Clearing your Google search history is a rather straight-forward process that anyone can do. There are essentially two ways that your search is remembered by Windows and by the Google toolbar or by Internet Explorer browsers.

When you perform a search in Google, you might notice that the text box knows your last search or displays a list of preceding searches when you click on it. This is not Google recalling your searches, but instead it’s the Internet Explorer on your local computer. In order to delete what IE has in its cache, follow the following process:

1. Go to Tools and then Internet Options, Under Browser History, click on Delete button.

In theDelete Browsing History dialog box”, click Delete Forms button. This will delete all that you typed into any form on any web page, including the Google search box. If you want to delete other information such as the browsing history etc, you can click those buttons separately or click Delete All button to get rid of all the cached data.

Now that you’ve got all clear of the Internet Explorer cache, you need to ascertain that you deleted the Google search history from the Google toolbar, this implies only if you have that installed on your computer.

Here’s how to clear the Google toolbar search history:

Click on the Google toolbar and type some query, you would find a link called “clear search history” there. Click on that link to erase all the history.

Remember that if you have anything like Google Desktop or a related program installed on your computer, then it will record your searches automatically unless specified otherwise. So be cautious not to use such software unless you have to.

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Betty Willow
About the Author:

Google Search History – Warning.
Clearing your Google search history will not prevent others from knowing what you are searching for.

To clear ALL your internet history we recommend Winclear or other types of Privacy Software.

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