How to choose the best Application Hosting Service

How to choose the best Application Hosting Service

How to choose the best Application Hosting Service

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How to choose the best Application Hosting Service

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Posted: Nov 12, 2010 |Comments: 0



Application hosting service is a kind of service where client is been provided with the leased software on the internet with the protocol http on the basis of per month fee. This software is used to be purchased from the software vendor for Shared and Dedicated servers. At the same time ASPs are hosting the client’s software as well on the servers for their dedicated account. Over here the client needs to purchase the software and provide the license key to the ASP which installs that particular software on the server and charge for the server space only.

Yes, it is true that Application hosting service makes your business easier and improves the efficiency in a great way. It does not only make your business hassle free but saves a lot of cost, ultimately increase the profitability. But it is also true that success of hosting an application depends very much on the Application Hosting Service Provider. And choosing a best suitable service provider is again not an easy task as there is plethora of application service providers present in market today. There are a lot of criteria which needs to be taken care before finally deciding the service providers. So to select the best application hosting service which caters best to your business needs and offer good value to your money keep the following points in considerations.

Package Cost: – Application Hosting Service is the platform from where people or businesses can virtually run their applications or processes, and paying for the resources they use. So compare the cost of the package with the gains or profits you will be getting from that application or process to decide the most suitable hosting package. A whole package generally includes well managed servers, sufficient storage space, reliable network connectivity and customer support.
Check for the space offered and the bandwidth offered in the package. Go with the hosting package where one gets more space as well as bandwidth of what is required at that instant of time.
Check for the server uptime. Most of the application hosting service provider guarantees 99.99% server uptime. Maximum server uptime ensures that your application is online and accessible most of the time.
Get the user reviews on the quality of the technical support provided by the hosting service provider from the existing customers. It will be of great help in measuring the timing and quality of service that is being delivered to the customers. Timely and top level technical support comes very handy in case of any system break down or any technical fault. It will ensure minimum loss in business in case of any technical breakdowns. 24/7 Technical support is of great help to people who are novice in this domain and don’t have time to know the technical know-how of server management and maintenance.
Check the reviews about the application hosting service provider. It will give you an idea about the provider’s reputation in this domain and quality of service the deliver to their customers.
Guaranteed data security and data backups. Make sure that your service provider addresses your concerns about data security effectively as data involved in processes is often confidential and sensitive. Most service providers today take extra precautions guarantying full security to client’s data and utilize top level encryption algorithms, firewall mechanisms and risk mitigation policies. Well maintained and updated backups ensure that no loss of business data occurs in case of any local system failure.

A high quality application hosting service provider eliminates common concerns like system outages, server downtime, safety issues associated normally with internet applications. Apart from providing technical and communication expertise a good hosting service provider also supplies flexible and customs designed solutions to its clients. Regular inputs regarding better performance, up gradations and innovations available are also supplied by a proactive application hosting service provider.


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About the Author:

William smith is IT analyst at Real Time Data Services. The company is major Cloud Hosting service provider with specialization in accounting, tax and CRM application hosting. The company is the largest QuickBooks hosting service provider in the cloud environment. Peachtree, MyOb and ACT! CRM are also hosted by the company in the cloud environment.



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