how to apply for web designer job w/o a portfolio?

Question by yiatdi: how to apply for web designer job w/o a portfolio?
i’m currently working in an e-marketing solutions company. i’ve help create landing pages for one of the cell phone service providers by use of html and css. i also have used photoshop, imageready, javascript, and dreamweaver to create emails and other pages. i consider myself with a pretty solid knowledge of coding and with those applications.

i’ve never taken a design course — i’ve learned everything myself in the past and in my current job so i’m unsure of how a portfolio works. i recently found an open position stating qualifications for basic knowledge of all that i have, but i just don’t have a portfolio. i wasn’t sure if i could include the landing pages since i only do the html/css coding and others contribute to them with their back-end web development. how do i compile one, especially since there are other contributors to the work?

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