How do I put a shortcut on my desktop with Google Chrome Browser?

Question by Steven Keith: How do I put a shortcut on my desktop with Google Chrome Browser?
Ever since I put Google Chrome Browser on my computer I can no longer right click on my mouse in order to place a shortcut on my desktop, and I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY. How can I fix this?

Can someone help me?

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Answer by The craven
it is a virus, probably Backdoor.Haxdoor and Trojan Click….Run your antivirus (for sure AVG get rid of it) .
Anyway first try a System Restore. If this doesn’t work, you’re still in problems because even if your AV detect the virus and delete him there is an entry in your Windows Registry that have been changed and you must to manually delete it. It depends what version of Windows you have.
Open Regedit (click START-RUN and type REGEDIT to open the registry editor):
In my case Windows XP:
Under Policies, there are 3 sub-folders; ActiveDesktop, Explorer and System. The spyware that had infected me had added a registry key to the SYSTEM folder. This folder is typically empty to begin with, but I had a key called DESKTOP and the value was set to the location of the wallpaper that was being displayed (C:\Windows\Desktop.html). Once I deleted the DESKTOP key I was able to right-click my desktop and change the background.
The best way to know what is the infected entry is asking someone with the same OS what sub-folders he has in the Policies folder and compare with yours. Delete the folders that don’t match.

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