how do i print from my laptop to my desktop printer?

Question by storm.: how do i print from my laptop to my desktop printer?
my printer is an HP 7150 and is connected only to my desktop computer (which is XP, my laptop is Vista). I’ve read that you can plug in your printer to the router and that should work, but is that true or not? email me if you need additional information to fully understand my dilema, thank you.

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Answer by Null Identity
Not sure about your model, but yes, some printers can be connected directly to a router. However, you can still print via your laptop, even if the printer is connected to your desktop.

To do this, you will need to have both computers connected to the same router (wirelessly is fine for your laptop). Enable File and Printer Sharing on your desktop (look at a tutorial online on how to do this, it’s very easy), and set your laptop to be able to detect network computers (see the Network and Sharing Center on your laptop). As long as both computers are in the same Workgroup (i.e. “network name”), your laptop should be able to “see” the printer on your desktop and use it.

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