How do I fix the Google Desktop problem?

Question by vito7766: How do I fix the Google Desktop problem?
I use google desktop sidebar and for some reason it just wont connect to servers for news stocks or anything. Google Desktop would be a lot more usefull if this worked.
I dont think the problem is that it cant connect to the server. It says “DJI: Server not available.”

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Answer by chris_decano
I found this on the Google Desktop website:

I see a “Problem connecting to the local server” error.

If you see this error:

“Google Desktop has detected a problem connecting to the local Google Desktop server on your machine. . . .”

it may have been displayed by mistake. Please visit the Google Desktop homepage and try searching. If there’s no problem, you can ignore the error.

If the search doesn’t work or you can’t access Google Desktop, you may need to adjust your proxy settings. Please see for more information.

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