Hovitaga Report Generator 1.0

Hovitaga Report Generator 1.0
Category: Database Management Software
Platform: windows
License: Free
Publisher: Hovitaga


Hovitaga Report Generator is an ABAP add-on that accelerates SAP reporting by significantly reducing development time. This is achieved with automatic ABAP code generation, which eliminates manual programming of code that is always part of every report but is always different. Depending on the generation settings, 200-1000+ lines of ABAP code can be generated in a few minutes. This can save from a few hours to a day of development time depending on the complexity of the report.
Reporting is critical from the perspective of the business, since all business decisions are based on some sort of report. The availability and quality of SAP reports have a great influance on the efficiency of SAP implementations. Your business can benefit from accelerated ad-hoc reporting with the use of Hovitaga Report Generator.

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