Hot Hangman 3,6

Hot Hangman 3,6
Category: Sudoku, Crossword & Puzzle Games
Platform: mobile
License: Purchase


What is Hot Hangman?Imagine, your life completely depends on your brain and erudition!Think deeply and guess a hidden word, letter-by-letter, before you’re “hanged”.This game is called Hangman and it’s one of the most well-known word games!It’s a good educational tool for people of all ages.Spend your free time effectively with Hot Hangman by Intorine!1Different word databasesCheck your knowledge in various areas:GeographyScienceTechnicsAnimalsCitiesCountriesA special database for children is also included.Moreover, registered users can create their own word databases, and we will convert it to Hangman-compatible format for free!2Hints and SynonymsGet help when you need it!Puzzle seems too difficult? Just press Hint or Synonym button!Hints explain the meaning of the word so you can guess it more easily,and synonyms provide a list of words or phrases with the same meaning.Note that a certain amount is deducted from your score each time you use Hint or Synonym buttons.3Two players mode (Human vs Human)Play Hangman with friends!One of you enters a hidden word, the other one has to guess it.Available in registered version only.

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