Hosting business critical applications and Web site?

Question by Janda: Hosting business critical applications and Web site?
We are planning to start a small business in which we will be providing various solutions like Cloud Computing and SaaS. We are a bunch of java professionals (i.e around 11 java professionals) and would like to start a small business. Our main problem is that we want to host all our business critical applications for our clients online and in-house but we really do not know where to start from. Since some of our applications are business critical, we do not want to rely on the ISP. What we want is the complete control on our applications and database. Could anyone please help us.

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Answer by doug a
for complete control you could use rackspace and buy/rent a server from them.

Or you could if you have a decent ISp a Static IP address and the kboweledge set up your own hardware and server everything from the office or whereever.

If you host your own server then you have to be sure you know do regulat backups.

It really does depend on how in house you mean I am a small business using both external and internal solutions to host solutions.

I mean do you use SQL Servers in house and MySQL outside etc. It’s a headache but worth the effort in hosting everything yourself.

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