Hosted Solutions in Demand

Hosted Solutions in Demand

Hosted Solutions in Demand

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Hosted Solutions in Demand

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Posted: Jun 18, 2009 |Comments: 0


Proven Success with Hosted Solutions and Managed Hosting Services

Enclair understands that most business owners are swamped, and that’s why more and more business owners are turning to hosted solutions for their company’s business needs. Not only do hosted solutions save you time, but it also help you grow your business.

In this current economy is the need to save money while growing your business is important that ever. Does managing your organizations technology and infrastructure help you cut cost and grow your business? What if both could be managed externally without ever incurring additional HR headaches and reduce your bottom line. Does it make sense to pay for employees who only work 60% of the time? We can show you how a total hosted solution package could be the answer for your company.

Enclair realizes that hosted solutions are growing faster than ever. Managed hosting and outsourcing are the two hottest areas for reducing and creating a leaner and more profitable business.

How are hosted solutions cost-effective?

Hosted solutions in today’s business world are supported by redundancy with a stable and more secure network. The technology environment is finally reached a balance between powerful bandwidth and the tools to support hosted solutions and their applications. The results for hosting and managed hosted solutions are staggering when you compare the long term costs.

Hosted Unified Communications and Business Telephone Systems

It’s possible to completely consolidate your communications and replace your entire phone system, faxes and emails on one integrated hosted solution. Now with the proper network and system in place, it’s possible to have a centrally located off-site system that comes with it’s own service technician.

Hosted Desktop Solutions and Support

Have you ever called Microsoft and had their service techs take over your laptop and trouble shoot a problem? Why not have those types of services for your business? If you are a small to medium sized business and feel that having a hosted desktop solution could be a fir for your business, contact Enclair today. Enclair offers nationwide service and support plans to manage hosting desktops, security, file and print services, Exchange email services, communication tools, data storage & backup, disaster recovery and much more.

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