home setup

home setup
home desktop computers
Image by Rob ‘n’ Rae
I have two home pcs plus a laptop.

The "server" is a AMD 600 running Mandrake (dispite the red hat sticker). Its mainly a file sever but it also runs LAMP for my own amusement.

The "games" machine is a AMD 3000 in a shuttle case. Its built in graphics of course but it doesnt look to shabby playing HL2.

The laptop is a AMD64 3300 that dual boots windows and Suse. I do most of the LAMP stuff on it as I can carry it with me. Its also pretty good for playing games on and actually has a better graphics card than the games machine.

Another couple of noteable points. Old Grandad is an original Macintosh I pulled out of a skip. It does work but it doesnt have a keyboard and mouse though. Another is my very nice 5.1 headphones. They are a bit heavy but you cant beat the edge you get with them in a game of COD.