Hindu Vedic Astrology from India 1.0

Hindu Vedic Astrology from India 1.0
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Platform: mobile
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Astro is a Hindu Vedic Astrology program for the Palm OS. Gives the Moving Zodiac (which is also called Nirayana position) of all the relevant planets in Hindu Astrology. The program also displays the Hindu Chart and gives the Moon Nakshatra (star), the Thidhi and the Dasa Ending period and the number of days remaining in the dasa, for the given date, time and location. Since this is the first release of the program, more improvements and details are planned for later releases. With Astro 1.0 any lay person or astrologer will get all the details needed to proceed with the predictions. Features are planned to display the entire dasa period, give both North and South Indian Chart styles. This and other features will help reduce computations that may be needed and make the user more productive in his/her use of the software.

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