Hey guys.. I have a serious question…?

Question by Shiva S: Hey guys.. I have a serious question…?
I am working in a company which develops web applications using java..
how would you classify this kind of company… a product company or services company??
I am so curious cuz it affects me psychologically when i hear that I work in a services company… I am from computer science background and was always planning to work in a product development company…. plzz help!!!
As many pointed out. I would like to tell who I work for.
We develop the app and give it to people. I mean, what will I do if I develop something and keep it with me??
oh… please tell me difference between product and service companies or difference b/w themselves… that would clear things and I can have a peace of mind…. thanks a lot for ur answers btw…!!
by ur answers .. i get a feeling that I should move on to core computer science research rather than using the code, framework(struts, spring) which somebody else made….anyway..u guys make me feel btr.. everybit helps..!!!!

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Answer by Tony A
Sorry dude. Service.

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