Helping Businesses to Be Found on Google from a Home PC Using Google’s Latest Ultra Local Search Offering


Helping Businesses to Be Found on Google from a Home PC Using Google’s Latest Ultra Local Search Offering


(PRWeb UK) April 1, 2010

Google’s new Desktop Local Business Search is launched in April, and will provide great new opportunities particularly for small businesses who do not yet have a web site. With the Desktop Local Business Search, Google brings together the features of Google Local Business with their Google Desktop, allowing them to index files and their contents which are stored on your own PC, not just published web sites.

This gives people and businesses the opportunity to promote their products and services by creating publicity and sales material in a standard Word document and store them on their local drive, rather than having to load this on to a web site. This will make it much simpler and easier for smaller businesses to compete with their larger competitors, without the need for expenditure on web designers and complex content management systems.

Furthermore, this new search feature will combine the mapping feature of Google Maps and be ultra local, being able to pinpoint the location of a PC to within 10 feet using Google Street View, meaning that users of the service will be able to increase their appeal to neighbours and others in their locality.

Many of the same search engine optimization considerations will apply to the new Google search, such as the use of the right keywords and compelling content, to help ensure that people can find the material in the first place, and continue to return to find even more things of interest that are being held on their PCs. Ferreter can help businesses set up their PCs to optimize them for search engines.

Businesses will eventually even be able to monetize and recoup the cost of their PCs by hosting advertisements in a new ‘My Ads’ folder, which can be installed on their hard drive using Google AdSense, and Ferreter will be able to help them set up an on-line advertising program.

Google are also expecting to expand the service in the near future to include mobile devices such as the iPhone, so that not only will Google index the files people have on their phones, but also where they are and where they have been, and. using voice recognition software, even the conversations they are having. This greatly expands the marketing possibilities, as business owners can build this into their everyday lives and activities.

Paul Smith, Head of Development at Ferreter said ” This is great opportunity for businesses using the latest Google search offering to make sure they are found on web with the minimum effort. Desktop Local Business Search brings a new marketing era to the web”.

There are some who have expressed concerns about security and privacy issues with the new service. However a spokesman for Google said “If people have information on their PC that they don’t want people to see, then maybe really they should be asking what am I afraid of, and considering why they would want to keep it anyway if they don’t want other people to see it.”

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