Handy Pilot Font Editor II null

Handy Pilot Font Editor II null
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Platform: mobile
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$34.99 20% price off. $27.99&nbsp Handy Pilot Font Editor (FE) is a raster font designing tool for the Palm Powered handheld computers.&nbsp FE allows you to design your own fonts, use PalmOS system font as a template, modify it and store it to the RAM memory. Saved fonts can be transfered to and from the desktop computer by HotSync synchronization.&nbsp Last version of Handy Pilot Font Editor includes the following features:FE is the only font editor which runs on the Palm handhelds. You may convert font databases created by FE to different font format and use by fontHack (system font replacement) tools.Easy to use font designing interface. Posibility to download PalmOS system fonts from system to the editor’s memory.Extensive font designing functions. Font and character preview anywhere it is needed. Maximum character width and height is limited to 127 pixels. Editor uses system clipboard. You may import and export glyph b/w images to/from other graphics.Font Test window where you may test the font on the fly.HPFE Tools v1.3 – a set of command line tools for desktop computer that help to do most PalmOS(tm) font database managment. Sources are included.

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