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Quickly and Easily Toggle Between Your Favorite Applications or HanDBase databases with the Touch of ONE Button.Wouldn’t it be great if you could toggle between several different applications or database files on your Palm device with the touch of one button? That is exactly what HanDButton allows you to do! Simple to use and setup up! HanDButton puts the applications and HanDBase databases you most commonly use right at your fingertips.Imagine no more fumbling back and forth to the Palm application launcher screen to run your favorite applications. The user-friendly setup interface let’s you assign multiple applications and/or database files to any of your four built-in hardware buttons in a snap!HanDButton is especially useful for running different database files, like HanDBase, or any other application storing its data files in the popular .pdb format. Now just tap a single button and presto the data file is up and running on your PalmOS device.How does it work? HanDButton lets you to assign multiple applications and HanDBase databases to any of your hardware buttons. For example, let’s say you use a drug list like ePocrates and your HanDBase patient visits database often. In this case you could assign each to a different hardware button.Let’s say in this example you assign Patient Visits database with To-do button and ePocrates to your Memo button. Now just pushing the corresponding button will launch that solution without ever having to use the Palm launcher screen.HanDButton eliminates the need to use your stylus to run your favorite applications or HanDBase database! Avoid searching the launcher screen for your frequently used applications.Assign up to 12 applications to each HanDButton.You can now have 5 sets of applications, assign HanDButton to all 5 standard buttons.Launch specific data files, or HanDBase databases!Supports the “Open Database” command for applications that use it.Fully OS5 compatibleThis is NOT a hack, Hackmaster is NOT required.

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