Haffa Cubicle

Haffa Cubicle
desktop support
Image by redteam
My desk at work. Okay, maybe not. Facilities decided to make an all new kind of cubicle.

For my architecture friends:
This design challenges our notions of space and productivity. It directly addresses our human illusion of comfort. Barf.

Ok, what really happened is that the workgroup manager for this area ordered a "reconfig". That means that either one employee got a bigger cubicle (at the expense of another) or they split a really big cubicle in two or who knows what. Obviously someone didn’t foresee that this desk wouldn’t be suitable for work if someone wanted to use a chair with it. The office had several of these tiny cubicles, but they were often used as a printer station or a mini storage-area.

Facilities people usually make changes like this on the weekend. In this case, they saw their work order, probably realized that it contained this error, and decided to just follow directions.

I’m sure they said to themselves "well, I’m just following orders" or "hey, it’s not my job". This kind of situation is precisely why I wanted to change careers and get into Organizational Development.

My job here was desktop support – I was "the IT guy". I found out about this cubicle because someone put in a work order to have the computer set up and connected to the network. I thought they were playing a trick on me. The poor guy who was assigned to this desk actually set everything up and was prepared to work at this space until it was changed. Let me tell you, simply getting that chair in there was a lot of hard work.

I just had to pose for a picture in this colossal fuck-up of a cubicle reconfig while it still existed.

This photo was featured on "The Takeaway"!!!