Fake online tests?

Question by Johnny B: Fake online tests?
Hi guys,

Couple of weeks ago I received an email from on my email id that is not registered with, saying that I have been selected and the preliminary test is an online test. Following was the body of the email (

Dear candidate,

Thank you for submitting your application for one of our vacancies in Dubai.

We are looking for smart, passionate and hard-working professionals to join our young multi-cultural team. Your CV has been short-listed for the first round of our recruitment process. This includes two online tests – covering problem solving skills as well as a general personality questionnaire. You can only take these tests once, so please note the following important tips.

Test Requirements:

* Make sure you have at least 90 minutes free. Once you start the test, you will not be able to pause it.
* Make sure you have uninterrupted internet access during the test.
* Make sure you are in a quiet environment without any distraction or interruption.
* Have a pen and paper with you for rough works or calculations.

Once you are ready to take the online tests, click on the link below.

Start Online Tests

Best regards,
Gulf Team

I was able to complete my test online; but since then no response has been provided; even though I contacted them through email ids provided on their web site and through the feedback forms, but to no avail.

Now, upon no response, I was wondering if its a fake company or what? Any one else faced similar sort of email?

Thanks in advance.
And today, I received similar email on my other email id, that is registered with GulfTalent. (0:

Dont know what I am supposed to do now.

Best answer:

Answer by Moody M
Well everyone makes mistakes, even huge companies.
If you haven’t registered and haven’t submitted an application then maybe they sent it by mistakes and could not redo it. They probably didn’t send any results because they realized the error.

Another possibility is that scoring the test might take time. Even TOEFL and SAT tests take a lot of time to score. Wait and you might receive a response.

Why would someone create a fake company and make you take that test?? it’s not like someone has an evil plan to waste 90 minutes of a lot of people’s lives 😉

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