Graphics-enabled CPUs to take off in 2011

Graphics-enabled CPUs to take off in 2011
Half the notebook computers and a growing number of desktops shipped in 2011 will run on graphics-enabled microprocessors as designers Intel and AMD increase competition for the units that raise multimedia speeds without add-ons. Processors with built-in graphics capabilities will be installed this year on 115 million notebooks, half of total shipments, and 63 million desktop PCs, or 45 percent …
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Feature: In-car computing, smartphones, and the future of cars
Over the course of our series on the Future of Cars , a clear picture has emerged of where traffic flow is headed in the next few years. If today’s traffic is like a bloom of bacteria that responds collectively to changes in the environment, then tomorrow’s networked traffic, where all the cars are linked to the road, to the cloud, and to one another by a wireless nervous system, will be more …
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5 iPad Apps That Rival Their Desktop Counterparts
The iPad for Business Series is supported by LogMeIn Ignition , the #1 third-party Productivity app for iPad and iPhones in 2010. Get one-touch a …
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