Google Desktop

Google Desktop

If you’ve ever needed to find a file and couldn’t remember what you named it, trust me, we’ve all been there.  Windows Search is okay, but sometimes you can’t remember the name of the file.  What you remember is the topic you wrote it on.  And you can’t even remember where you put it.

Google Desktop just might be the program for you.  What it does is indexes all the files on your entire computer, then if you go to look for something you put in words the same way you would if you were using Google for searching the internet, and it will pull up every file you have that has that information in some fashion on it.  It’s a much stronger program than Microsoft’s search function because it actually reads the content in your written and numeric files.

Something else it does is it will index all the contents of your email program, whether you’re using Outlook or another type of email program.  You might have to tweak it a bit here and there for certain programs, but you can get all of that information on the Google site if needed.  This is also extremely valuable because, if you’re like me and have multiple email accounts, sometimes you just can’t remember which email went to which account, or all the details of that email.  With Google Desktop, you can type in the person’s name who sent you the email, or an email address, and any emails still within your email program will come up.  Even deleted emails will give you a line or two of information, as long as Desktop had an opportunity to scan it before you deleted it.

Google Desktop runs in the background, and the only gripe against it is that it slows down computer performance for those people who don’t have enough memory to overcome it.  However, it only indexes once you’ve left your computer idle for a period of time, which means that, during its initial indexing process, you’ll want to leave your computer on for awhile, even overnight the first couple of nights, so that it has time to get to as many files as possible.  After that, then your system will move faster, and indexing new files takes almost no time at all.

There are two versions of Google Desktop.  The newest version is for Vista 64-bit users, which is great because Google had stated they didn’t have plans to create Desktop for that higher mode.  Luckily, since Windows 7 will also be using 64-bit technology, they finally came around and created this newer version.

Bring your search into the 21st century; Google Desktop is great.

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