Google Desktop search problems. Not running gives the following message:?

Question by roohi: Google Desktop search problems. Not running gives the following message:?
“To start using Google Desktop Search, we may need to close the following programs if they are running:

You can start these programs once Google Desktop Search is running.

AOL Instant Messenger
Internet Explorer
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Word
Mozilla Thunderbird
Other web browsers
This will take only a few seconds to complete”

and this message opens in internet explorer so when I click on “Ok. close these applications” the explorer closes and nothing happens and if I click on “cancel I will run this later” again nothing happens the normal google homepage opens.
My operating system is windows vista home premium. please help
I dont have any other program or application running when I try to use google desktop. and when I type any search item in the search bar a internet explorer opens stating what I have given.

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Answer by Mike M
Sounds like a RAM resource issue. If you are running too many applications that can happen.

Vista needs a lot of RAM itself to run effectively as does your active security products. Once you start running other programs each will need a certain amount of RAM. If you have too much running, then the programs start competing against each other.

Microsoft says you only need 1GB to run Vista Home Premium, but that is grossly understated when you start running other programs simultaneously.

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