Google Desktop automatically installed on my computer?

Question by SC: Google Desktop automatically installed on my computer?
I downloaded office genuine advantage notifcations, 3 windows vista updates, and an update for Microsoft XML Core Services 4.0 Service Pack 2 yesterday and today when i turned on my computer and i looked under programs in the control panel is said that google desktop was installed on my computer and it is dated with today’s date, 11/27. Why did google desktop automatically install on my computer and what does google desktop even do?

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Answer by ez80227
it doens’t automatically do this. you installed something and it was in the installation as a little check box. it’s easy to uninstall in programs, add/remove (depending on your os).
as for whayt it’s for, it is used the same way the new search in windows is used, to search your entire system including emails and files. personally, i never use it, but missed it a few times when installing something and had to remove it.

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