google desktop?

Question by m11y.: google desktop?
so this stupid idiot delted all my widgets on google desktop so i started to download google desktop again but it doesn’t and i want the original widgets but i can’t find them

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Answer by Michael S
Google Desktop is bloatware. Seriously. No matter how cool people may think Google is, Google Desktop is seriously a waste.

Google Desktop takes up a lot of memory, and makes your computer go slower.

There’s also people that complain about the fact that Google indexes your computer, and takes some of that private info., to Google’s servers. They say it’s for the “sake of ads”. But who knows what Google is really doing.

I suggest you download Windows Desktop Search. It’s the official one from Microsoft.It works a whole lot better, and since it’s made by Microsoft, it’s certified to be better.

It works real well and fast. Good luck.

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