Google Chrome Cited Tops ‘Dirty Dozen’ Vulnerable Apps List

Google Chrome Cited Tops ‘Dirty Dozen’ Vulnerable Apps List
The Google Chrome browser has earned the dubious distinction of being named the most vulnerable application on the “Dirty Dozen” list of 12 applications with the most discovered software flaws requiring security updates and notifications from January through mid-October.
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Google CEO not worried about Facebook
Computerworld – The CEO of Google says he’s not worried at all about Facebook’s new messaging system. The more the merrier in the e-mail space, says Eric Schmidt, who was speaking at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco on Monday.
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Google CEO: Android Is for Touch, Chrome OS Is for Keyboards
Google CEO Eric Schmidt has finally made it clear what differentiates Google’s Android OS from the soon-to-be-released Chrome OS: keyboards. That’s a rather simplified expression of the bigger picture, but ultimately, Google sees Chrome OS as the operating system for…
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