Google Brings Goggles To HTC’s TV Ads

Google Brings Goggles To HTC’s TV Ads
Use Google Goggles to scan bands and art (not clunky codes) to download free stuff in the new HTC Sensation 4G ads, a first-of-its-kind collaboration between Deutsch L.A. and Google. Watch! If you’re aiming a slick and (so far) well reviewed new Android phone at an audience you’re calling “cultural curators,” you probably want to bring some extras to your ad campaign. Gratuitous use of invasive …
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Google introduces spoken word search to Chrome
Google is introducing more technological tricks to simplify internet searching and give people another reason to surf the web on its Chrome browser.
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New Google Mobile Features: Shortcut Local Icons, Query Builder
At today’s Google Inside Search event in San Francisco, a number of new features were unveiled for both mobile and desktop search, which we’ll cover in detail across Search Engine Land.
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