Google Approves Blood Pressure Tracker Plug-in for Sidebar


Suwanee, GA (PRWEB) December 5, 2005

Google Desktop 2.0 was released on November 3, 2005. This new version includes Sidebar which is a panel that displays personalized information on either side of the Windows desktop and can display real-time news, e-mail, photos, stocks, and weather, among others. Sidebar includes a search box that can search just the PC or Google’s other search types (like Web, Images, News, and Groups.)

The new Blood Pressure plug-in gives users of a new interface for viewing their recent Systolic and Diastolic measurements. The main advantage of this interface is the constantly updating timestamps next to each measurement. The timestamps are effective reminders for people who need to test their blood pressure often.

The addition of the Google plug-in benefits both and Google. Google adds another plug-in to its sidebar helping to make its sidebar one of the industries most full featured desktop toolbars. not only gets a great new interface for its users but also gets promoted by Google. Getting promoted by Google is a windfall for a newly created site such as Currently the new plug-in is being highlighted on the main plug-in download page,, causing traffic to triple.

Prior to the addition of the plug-in, much of the success and growth of was due to its ease of use. Steve Sullivan, creator of used AJAX to create the smooth and user friendly site. AJAX is a group of technologies that make server requests without reloading the entire page. Well constructed pages that wisely use AJAX can create very fast and easy-to-use websites. Based on customer feedback, has been very successful in this area. Many people have sent comments to Steve complementing the usefulness of the website. Given the satisfaction of the current users and the new promotions surrounding the plug-in there will no doubt be much more growth for in the future.