Going for Application Hosting-right thing or not

Going for Application Hosting-right thing or not

Going for Application Hosting-right thing or not

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Home Page > Computers > Software > Going for Application Hosting-right thing or not

Going for Application Hosting-right thing or not

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Posted: Nov 03, 2010 |Comments: 0



The debate of buying vs. leasing has come up in many different areas and now it is in software too. Application hosting with SaaS is good for the industry for the options it provides you with, but for all small and medium businesses it has become a dilemma.

Shared hosting is obviously much cheaper as multiple companies hire the same server; this reduces the cost drastically because what you are really doing is sharing the same server.

This not only makes your IT team redundant and no work needs to be done to manage the servers.

There is always a flip side-they differ from provider to provider; some of the issues that you will be facing shared will be-

Limitations of plans themselves- it can be bandwidth throttling or disk-space restrictions.

Security is always an issue when putting anything on web -nevertheless it is managed and guaranteed by the service provider.

Lastly and not that major is that you can’t just throw any application on the server, every time you will need the authentication from the service provider.

In spite of all this, shared service provider boast of a decent following because of the cost at which you get the performance is far lesser than if you had to set and maintain the infrastructure yourself for that performance.

Most server providers provide redundant array of inexpensive disks (RAID) for hot swapping and redundancy, and to make sure the server is not taken down by distributed denial of service they have detection systems.

The limitations of the shared server make it suitable only for small and medium businesses.

There are other options too like dedicated hosting. In this your server will be managed by the service provider (to some extent), the features will from plan to plan but this offers much more freedom to consumer.

There is a third option too, where only the bandwidth will be supplied by the service provider and the equipment is bought by the consumer at the service provider’s location. This obviously gives the consumer the complete freedom, but the headache of buying the equipment falls on the consumer’s head.

So at the end of the day it all boils to down what do you want and what you can afford. If you do not want additional costs to start with you should go for shared hosting and then make a slow shift to dedicated hosting, but if more control is what you want then shared hosting is not for you.

The most commonly hosted applications are in tax preparation software and websites.

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About the Author:

William smith is IT analyst at Real Time Data Services. The company is major Cloud Hosting service provider with specialization in accounting, tax and CRM application hosting. The company is the largest QuickBooks hosting service provider in the cloud environment. Peachtree, MyOb and ACT! CRM are also hosted by the company in the cloud environment.


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