Goebel Group SEO LEGAL, A Free Browser Toolbar for Law Firms to Manage their Google, Yahoo, and MSN Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Advertising Campaigns


Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) April 11, 2005

Goebel Group Inc. A leading Search Integration and Service Company today announced SEO LEGAL, a free custom toolbar for law firms to manage their Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Advertising Campaigns. “Law firm are getting more competitive and need to use the power of search engine marketing to get and retain clients in specific practice areas. These practice areas have specific keyword that can translate into hundred if not thousands of searches per month. The law firm the places high in natural search ranking or advertise with Pay Per Click campaigns can generate significant revenue for their firm.” said Dave Goebel, president of Goebel Group, Inc.

Features of the SEO LEGAL toolbar include, the ability to search the web with Google, Yahoo, MSN Search, and Clusty to compare search ranking. Keyword popularity and suggestion tool, Ad cost estimator, links to Google AdWords, Yahoo Internet Marketing, and MSN AdCenter. In addition the SEO LEGAL toolbar offers links to various local directories to submit law firm website information including Google Local, Yahoo Local, and True Local for quick profile submission.

The Goebel Group SEO LEGAL toolbar gives the user all of the resources that a law firm needs to get started with optimizing their website for higher natural and organic search results placement and for creating a successful internet marketing search engine advertising campaign.

Features Include:

Show a text only version of your web page, to see what the crawlers see.

When was your web page last indexed, to determine how often your website is crawled?

What are your web site ranking, reach, and average number of page views.

Links to popular web site analytic tools

Graphically show how your website ranks in various search engines

PPC cost comparison based on specific keywords.

Topics include SEO best practices, how to get started with SEO, how to write content for high ranking, how to convert your existing contend to be optimized for the web.

How to start a PPC campaign, identifying keywords and phrases, how to track conversions to determine your ROI

Access to other services including:

SEO and PPC knowledge base

SEO and PPC Mentor program, just email or call in your questions about SEO and PPC and we will call you back to discuss your specific request.

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher

A Firefox browser edition will also be available.

About Goebel Group Inc.:

Goebel Group Inc. is a leading integrator of search technology products and services. The privately help company helps its clients maximize the productivity of their employees, partners, and customers by utilizing industry leading search technology. Clients are in the legal, financial services, federal and state government, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation and other industries. The Goebel Group has created the popular Desktop Search Tool Matrix www.goebelgroup.com/desktopmatrix.htm and the Search Appliance Matrix www.goebelgroup.com/sam.htm to assist individuals and organizations when making desktop search and enterprise search product selections. Goebel Group products include custom branded toolbars for Intranets, Portals, and websites. In addition the Goebel Group offers services for search engine optimization and search engine marketing campaigns with Google AdWords, Yahoo, and MSN AdCenter.

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