Goebel Group Inc. Announces the Goebel Intranet Toolbar, a Custom Desktop Search Toolbar for Corporate Intranets – Brings the power of Desktop Search to the Enterprise While Enhancing Intranet Usability


Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) November 11, 2004

Goebel Group, Inc. a leading integrator of search technology products and services today announced the availability of a new functional browser toolbar that integrates industry leading desktop, Intranet, and Web search tools (Google Desktop, Google Search Appliance, X1, Vivisimo and more) with other productivity resources. Organizations are starting to evaluate ways to integrate desktop search into their enterprise business processes. The Goebel Toolbar is a natural way for individuals, teams, and an entire enterprise to integrate the new search technology regardless of vendor. The Goebel Intranet Toolbar offer a way to quickly access information on a persons desktop, a corporate Intranet, and the Web. Custom features include: branding, ability to search multiple indexes/repositories, auto login to corporate email, calendar, and blog systems, password protection for more secure search, messaging and others. Benefits of using the Goebel Intranet Toolbar include: increase intranet usage, enhance intranet usability, increase employee productivity, and it offers another way to communicate with employees.

A free sample version is available for download at: http://www.goebelgroup.com/html/goebeltoolbar.htm

System Requirements:

•         Microsoft Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP

•         Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher

Each toolbar is custom made with pricing starting at .00 for a single user license, 9.00 for a team license, and 99.00 for an enterprise license.

About Goebel Group Inc.:

Goebel Group Inc. is a leading integrator of search technology products and services. The privately help company helps its clients maximize the productivity of their employees, partners, and customers by utilizing industry leading search technology. Clients are in the financial services, federal and state government, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation and other industries. Goebel Group, Inc. is an authorized reseller of the Google Search Appliance, X1, Vivisimo, and other leading search tools.

Google, Google Desktop, Google Search Appliance, X1, Vivisimo, Microsoft, Microsoft Windows, and Microsoft Internet Explorer are all trademarks of their respective companies

Contact information:

Goebel Group, Inc.

David Goebel

29006 Wolf Rd

Cleveland, Ohio 44140