Introduces Online File Backup Desktop Software for Mac Platform

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Bethlehem, PA (PRWEB) July 13, 2010

After the successful launch of its free desktop software for PCs earlier this year, today introduced its companion Mac-based version. Both software programs let users automatically back up important files online to their Gigmax account.

The company also introduced a new online document editing feature available to all users which allows them to open a file stored with Gigmax, make changes to it and save it again without having to download it and re-upload it. This time-saving step will make it even more convenient for Gigmax customers to make changes to their spreadsheets, presentations and documents.

The new desktop software for Mac users is available as a free download on the homepage and takes only minutes to install. Once the Gigmax folder appears on the user’s desktop, they can immediately begin backing up files to Gigmax’s secure servers by saving new files to the folder or dragging and dropping existing files into the folder.

Once backed up, the files can be downloaded when needed or accessed remotely on a computer with the My Gigmax software installed or through the user’s online Gigmax account.

To watch a demonstration video of how the My Gigmax desktop software works, visit is the solution for students, working professionals, and home computer users who want to back up and access their files online and share files with each other. Benefits include:

    Online file backup is the safest way to secure important documents because it places them on a secure, off-site server with its own redundant backup security.
    Remote file access gives users the ability to access their saved files on any computer with Internet access which is perfect for people on-the-go.
    Online file sharing makes collaborating on projects and coordinating approvals easier by giving everyone instant access to the files they need to review without having to e-mail around large file attachments.
    Because a user’s files are stored online, there’s no need to save them to a CD or USB drive which can easily be lost or damaged. The data is secured on Gigmax’s servers for future access and updating.

All users can create a free account which comes with 2 GBs of online storage space. Additional storage space of 25, 50, or 150 GBs can be purchased for , 0, or 0 per year, respectively. There are no file size limits or bandwidth restrictions for file uploads. was created as a file storage Web site with a goal of helping users eliminate the need to burn files onto CDs, store them on USB drives or e-mail them in batches in order to share them. It also offered users on-the-go the ability to access their files remotely.

Watch an overview video about and its features on YouTube. Users can connect with on their Facebook fan page or Twitter account in addition to