Getting Started in Web Application Development?

Question by trater04: Getting Started in Web Application Development?
I am interested in web application development. Without any experience other than a little visual basis:

1. What is the best web application development software? Is there any free out there?

2. What is the best programming language to use for web application development?

3. How long would be a good estimate to be able to do basic to intermediate web application development?

Any other good feedback or tips would be helpful.

Thank you for your response.

Best answer:

Answer by Chris
1. CoffeeCup (see link) is okay, i like notepad :P.
2. Javascript. it’s simple, intutive, and POWERFUL.
3. quality-wise? a good app can be done in a day. a great one will take a week šŸ˜‰

to get your feet wet go to

to make cool apps try using the
(and use google’s excanvas to make it work with IE)

then when you are good at client side, check out server-side like appjet( currently hibernating, so go to ) or helma(i haven’t used this, so no promises)

Good Luck

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