Gateway Pa-1650-02 Power Adapter Released

Gateway Pa-1650-02 Power Adapter Released

Gateway Pa-1650-02 Power Adapter Released

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Home Page > Computers > Laptops > Gateway Pa-1650-02 Power Adapter Released

Gateway Pa-1650-02 Power Adapter Released

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Posted: Mar 10, 2010 |Comments: 0


If you are an IT or network manager you know how frustrating it can be to try and troubleshoot a rackmounted server that doesn’t have a monitor or keyboard hooked up to it. After all, LCD rackmount console can be pretty expensive.

Often referred to as “headless servers”, in many cases you can use Windows Remote Desktop over an IP connection to access the machine and troubleshoot. However, if you have a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), the network card dies, you have an IP address conflict, or you need to get into the BIOS, you can’t use Remote Desktop or other remote desktop software.

Well,’s USB 2.0 notebook KVM Adapter turns your notebook or notebook into a portable server crashcart, eliminating the need to carry a large, heavy video monitor, keyboard, and mouse. This device will turn any notebook into a portable console for headless servers, PCs, ATMs, kiosks etc.

How does it work? The Gateway AC adapter sports a USB and VGA connection on one end which connects to the computer you are connecting to. The VGA connection captures the VGA video and the USB connector provides emulated keyboard and mouse activity. The other end connects to your notebook using a nice and long mini-USB-to-USB cable. Your notebook then runs StarTech’s software which is able to transmit and receive video, mouse, and keyboard activity over the long mini-USB-to-USB cable to the main StarTech rectangular unit and finally to the terminating VGA and USB connectors.

Importantly, you can use this from the back of your racks, which is often where much of the troubleshooting is done, i.e. checking network connectivity. I tested a StarTech KVM Console to USB 2.0 Portable PA-1650-02 AC adapter and was pretty impressed with how versatile this little device is. Below is a screenshot of one of my test sessions. Note the 3-finger salute (Ctrl-Alt-Del) icon in the toolbar (all the way to the right). A handy feature. You can also send other special keys or combination of keys using the Virtual Keys feature.

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