Gateway NV5915u

Gateway NV5915u

Gateway NV5915u

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Gateway NV5915u

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Posted: May 27, 2010 |Comments: 0




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Gateway NV5915u

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Article Source: NV5915u


Gateway NV5915u


Gateway NV5915u
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NV59 series I bought about three months ago and I absolutely love. The best choice in my opinion, is a BluRay disc, and the resolution of HD. When you saw my first BluRay disc I’ve seen gems populous country, is the clearest way. The only thing I had problems with the mouse pad, it’s pretty mind right now and then, it is quite difficult to describe, so I’ll see what happens ….. The hopeweather beautiful …. It jumps quite a long time, it is frustrating, especially if you notice when you enter everything you need, and then be rewritten. Just use the button to “freeze” mouse pad and use a normal mouse. Other then that this computer is a jewel, its fast and has enough space. More than enough space. This is good for the game or simply use as a computer company. Battery life is pretty low, but is never a problem for me as I hold this included most of the time. I think life is just over 4 hours. This can be set to buy a battery that lasts longer, or change the battery settings. Among many other things that I love this computer, I am particularly pleased that the Lite is easy to carry and weighs …. That said, to sum up what I absolutely love this computer and trade for anything!


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BuyingGateway NV5915u 15.6-Inch Laptop (NightSky Black)

Great purchase

Bought it for my daughter’s college graduation and she loves it, her best gift as of yet. Great price, fast delivery and excellent product.

CheapGateway NV5915u 15.6-Inch Laptop (NightSky Black)

Love it!

I have had nothing but Gateway desktop pc’s. This my first laptop and very happy with Gatweway NV5921u! Fast,quiet and very cool running! The blue cover looks awesome with the alligator motif! The touchpad has the multi-gesture feature! I have to get used to it but neat feature! The blu-ray player is nice feature and will output to HDTV. Time will tell how she holds up but I think this baby will keep on rockin! 
The only downside might be battery life–about 3 hours-but that is about average I understand.–the blu-ray player really sucks the power BTW! Did I mention how “Light” she is! Way more portable than a 17 inch laptop! The 15 inch screen might be smallish compared to a 17 incher but fine for me! A Webcam is included as well. Grab one now!

DiscountGateway NV5915u 15.6-Inch Laptop (NightSky Black)


I bought this primarily for Blu-Ray player, to occasionally hook up to HD TV in family room / bedroom, and not needing to invest in multiple BD players. Generally good machine but found out couple of annoying things with the blu-ray player. This comes with Power DVD8.. specifically when playing blu-ray DVDs (1) The output can go to EITHER built-in screen or the TV but not both simultaneously and (2) the mouse does not work to control/select (menu items etc), it has to be keyboard with arrows/enter keys, like in DOS days! 

So I contacted gateway (thru the customer service “chat”), who, after “registration” info and rest of my life history tell me that they do not support “third party” things (like this Power DVD) and only hardware + OS. But here is the kicker, they will be happy if I called “answers by gateway” where the charge meter will start one minute into call. 

So machine is ok (even good, but there are many out there) just the customer service and the main thing I wanted (blu-ray player) to work reasonably well, sucks. I should have done more research and stuck to more ‘standard’ brands, in hindsight, learning you get what you pay for.

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