Gateway LT2118u

Gateway LT2118u

Gateway LT2118u

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Gateway LT2118u

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Posted: May 31, 2010 |Comments: 0


Gateway LT2118u


Gateway LT2118u
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Now we have three of them in our family, so to speak, we are very pleased with this little jewel of a computer. Every movement in the family are the perfect fit and function. My 15-inch laptop now seems to be so heavy and difficult to wear. I also bought one for my seven years he taught at home, and she totally loves him.


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Love this netbook

I have had this for over a week now and just love it. I have large fingers and the keys are easy to use for me. I ordered the ram that amazon recomends for this netbook and after installing it the netbook would not boot. I tried reseating several times but it still would not work. I then took my netbook to a local pc repair shop and they tried 2 other ram sticks based on manufactures recomendations but no luck will try more ram later

Love, love, love this computer

I do a lot of shopping on Amazon. I look at reviews and what is bestselling. I knew I wanted a netbook. I chose this Gateway because of the reviews it had received, both through Amazon and other sites. I absolutely love it! The screen is so crystal clear. The keyboard feels nice and big for a netbook. My husband has an Acer and we both agree, this is a better netbook. The styling is great. I only need it to surf the net, so I cannot comment on use of programs and such. I would be surprised if anyone was actually disappointed with this product

Simply Awesome!

My household has five computers and this is the best one. I keep it in Sleep mode just by opening and closing the lid and the battery lasts up to two days with moderate use. This is our first Windows 7 computer and it works well, recognizing our home network and its NAS without any effort. I use a combination of Chrome, Picasa (with eye-fi), Security Essentials and Office and it is zippy enough.

An excellent netbook, good value

I looked at a Gateway because of one my wife has. She has a Gateway laptop that is now 5 years old (bought 2.20.05) and works perfect. For the past three years it has been on 6-8 hours EVERY night, as she streams internet radio while sleeping. It is used for basic email, internet,etc for perhaps 30 minutes a day. It still has the install of XP on it that it came with. The battery of course is about gone, but otherwise it is still perfect. Amazing!.. 

These have the new “pinetrail” Atom processor. Read some user reviews and decided on the Gateway LT2104u, went to Best Buy and picked it up. Nice packaging, nice small power supply and an overall attractive unit. Windows 7 Starter was very easy to set up, and connected to my WIFI without a problem. Had some bloatware, but this seems to be better than it used to be. I uninstalled the bloat, including MS Works, and all the Norton crap, and tweaked a few things. I also had a spare 2 gig memory stick that I was thrilled with because it fit! I put MS Office 2003, Photoshop CS3, Firefox and iTunes and some eReader software on it (plus a few other odds and ends). 

Works great. MS Office and Firefox are perfect. Runs just as good as it does on my overpowered desktop. Photoshop runs fine, a little slower on some editing, but very usable and no problem. ITunes works perfect, 30 gigs of music, iPhone apps, syncs fine with my iPhone. Works great as an eReader (Adobe Digital Editions, Kindle for PC…etc) and the screen is great!.. Oh yes, the screen is wonderful. This little rascal will burn your retinas on the max brightness setting. Full and vibrant colors, with good text clarity. The keyboard is 93% normal size, and takes but a short time to get used to. I hate the touchpad’s on laptops, but this one is better than most. The gesture feature is very usable, and once you get used to it works fine. Battery life is wonderful. Charged it the first time and got nearly 7 hours before hitting 10% (web, reading, Word with screen on ½ and power saving mode). I charge nearly everyday so I really don’t run it down, and that says a lot. The laptop I had before would die at 2-2 1/2 hours so this is like a miracle. Another feature most would not think about is the fact the screen will go back almost flat. Most netbooks you find yourself holding and tilting to get a good screen angle. This one, the range of movement of the screen is such that you will not have that problem. 

In the office I use it plugged into a 19″ LCD monitor, external keyboard and wireless mouse. No problems with that set up, easy to connect/disconnect. 

Downsides are really nitpicks. The lid is a fingerprint magnet. It is simply impossible to keep it even remotely clean looking. I really don’t like the on/off button, probably a personal thing, but I just don’t like it. It is a netbook, so forget gaming, except casual or retro (yes it runs Doom). All laptop speakers are a joke, but the ones on this are a complete comedy routine. Window’s 7 starter is fine for me, but if you like to customize your desktop you will not like it. Since I gut any version of Windows I get, in order to get more speed, it works great for me. 

Great little laptop, as long as you understand the limitations of a netbook and that fits your needs. For me it’s just about perfect. Highly recommended. 

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