Gateway DX4710-UB801A Refurbished Desktop

This Gateway DX4710 desktop PC delivers raw power and maximum performance. Its quad-core processor breezes through power-hungry apps like high-end gaming, video editing and photo processing. The 6GB of memory, Intel G33 chipset mobo, and Vista Home Premium 64-bit SP1, will help you surf the web and download stuff at lightning speed. If you like making home videos this machine is perfect. It has powerful components and firewire or USB ports. There is more…it has what most video editing applications need – the power of a quad core cpu and 6 GB of memory. Get great graphic quality from Intel’s GMA3100 integrated graphics. The motherboard has a PCI Express slot available and a 300 watt power supply in case you want to upgrade the graphics.
Video Rating: 4 / 5