gaming desktop computer?

Question by Brent: gaming desktop computer?
hello i currently have a dell inspiron 1525, its a fine computer but i bought it when i didnt know the smallest thing about computers so guess what my gaming computer has? … the cheapest video card they sold. and go figure theres no way to upgrade it on a laptop right? but anyways it works fine so i dont want to buy another laptop, i feel a desktop would be a good choice for me. i was looking at alienware but the desktops…. waaaaay to much for me and i proably dont even need that much in there. im hopping to pay no more then around 1000 but i will go up to about 13 or 14. i need a desktop that will play games such as…

Dragon age

also i am getting into the “blender 3d software” and have noticed that my laptop(s) dont really make the cut. my inspiron running on vista is fine but whenever i try and render, it does it but leaves a black square when i close from the window and then crashes blender. o the other hand i have a laptop from my school that does fine when it comes to rendering and stuff, but it can barely play a video thats made in the “Preview” setting withc is the lowest it will go.

so basicly im lookin for 1000 or alittle more desktop that will play games on full settings. i dont need to be paying to play huge games like crisus or whatever it is on full settings. the main thing is running smoother at atleast mid settings. and then it being able to use blender efficiently and easily. o and if anyone knows if blender works good on 7 that would be great!

thx in advance =)

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Answer by silvre
Ask your parents to foot part of the bill as your birthday in advance, that way you can get Alienware. : )

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