Ford shows offits first electric car

Ford shows offits first electric car
share: digg facebook twitter Ford said the Focus will have a unique, Microsoft-designed powering feature that will charge the vehicle during off-peak hours, when utility rates are cheapest, to save on electric bills. While you can’t throw it, bounce it or hit it with a bat, Sphero is a combination remote-controlled vehicle and game device. Essentially, you “drive” it, controlling it through a …
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New app Swagg great for last-second gift-giving
NEW YORK TIMES NEWS SERVICE You know that uncomfortable moment when someone you haven’t bought a gift hands you one? Thanks to modern mobile phone technology, there is something of an answer for the really, really last-minute shopper. Swagg, a new app, allows you to fire off a gift card by phone. So when you get that unexpected present, you have only to excuse yourself, slink off and use your …
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KVM Extender supports high definition DVI video.
Using standard LAN or dedicated Cat 5 cable, ExtremeLink(TM) 4500 connects displays and USB peripherals to computers in remote locations. Unit delivers full PC extension, including HD video, stereo audio, and full 480 Mbps USB 2.0 support. Packaged in 7 x 5 in. form factor, ExtremeLink(TM) 4500 supports all USB 2.0 device types including keyboard, mouse, flash drive, touchscreen, and game …
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